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At Parker Lipman, our attorneys have many years of experience investigating automobile, trucking, bicycle and motorcycle collisions. 

We know that each injury is different, and each case has its own complexities relating to the amount of available insurance and payment of your medical expenses. 

When To Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

As a general guideline, it’s best to contact a lawyer as soon as possible after sustaining injuries in a car accident. There are a couple reasons for this, one of the most important being the statute of limitations.

The statute of limitations is a law which limits how long an injury victim has to file a claim before they lose their legal right to do so. According to Colorado Revised Statutes section 13-80-102(1)(a) the state of Colorado has a two-year timeline. 

This means you have two years from the date your accident occurred to file your claim, or you will most likely be unable to do so. There are some exceptions to this law where the filing time may change so it’s important to speak to a Denver car accident lawyer as soon as you can. 

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How Our Denver Car Accident Lawyers Can Help

We evaluate the full economic impact of your crash, including your physical injuries, your future medical and rehabilitation needs, and your loss of income. Only then do we place a value on what you are owed.

Car collision cases are often more complicated than they appear. 

  • Who should pay my medical bills? 
  • Who will pay for the damage to my car? 
  • How much insurance coverage does the other driver have? 
  • What types of losses or expenses can I recover? 
  • Do I have to pay my health insurer back?  

Our firm can also assist with claims brought by health insurance companies to recover money for medical expenses paid as a result of a car accident, also known as “subrogation claims.” 

If you have been injured in an automobile accident it is important that you recognize your health insurer’s right to subrogation and take steps to resolve any subrogation claims at the conclusion of your case.

Hit By A Uninsured Driver?

Our firm can help you determine the limits of the at-fault driver’s insurance, and whether  you have uninsured / underinsured motorist coverage (also called “UM/UIM coverage”) that can cover you in the event an uninsured or under-insured driver hits you. 

Unfortunately, it is often the case that the at-fault driver has little or no insurance to compensate you for your injuries and losses.   

We have extensive experience handling uninsured / underinsured claims and can help you take the necessary steps in order to protect your right to make a UIM claim.

Get Help Today 

If you have been injured in an automobile crash, call our firm today. Maybe you were a pedestrian, or on a motorcycle or bicycle. Through no fault of your own, your life has been changed because you were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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