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No one should suffer the emotional trauma or physical pain of sexual assault or abuse. Unfortunately, these acts are committed against minors as well as adults of all ages, against males as well as females, and against seniors and the disabled. As acts of violence, they can be harmful not only physically but mentally as well, impacting the psychological health and stability of the victim. Victims may experience such problems as PTSD, anxiety, depression, learning problems, nightmares, social dysfunction, and more. In some cases, the assault or rape goes unreported by the victim due to fear, embarrassment, or other issues, allowing the sex offender to go on to damage others. 

How We Help Sexual Assault Victims & Their Families

We represent victims of sexual assault in claims against individuals, businesses, and organizations. We have experience bringing civil claims for damages arising from sexual assault occurring because of issues such as the following: 

  • Inadequate or negligent security by property owners/managers 
  • Poor supervision in schools, daycare facilities, nursing homes, and workplaces
  • Poor hiring practices leading to assaults in the workplace, at schools, universities, daycare centers, sports and recreation centers, and more

Our firm also represents athletes in connection with sexual assault claims against professional organizations including USA Swimming, the United States Olympic Committee, USA Taekwondo, and others. We are part of a nationwide team of experienced lawyers who are representing athletes who have been abused in connection with Olympic sports.

We represent victims of doctor abuse, clergy abuse, abuse in hospitals or medical centers, in sports or by coaches, in boarding schools, daycare centers, public schools, spas, nursing homes, churches, and church facilities, abuse by celebrities, massage therapists, psychiatrists, or by Uber or Lyft drivers. We also represent victims of sex trafficking. 

You may have many questions and concerns about how to move forward after a sexual assault, such as how to report it, what type of compensation to which you may be eligible, or whether third parties who enabled the abuse to occur may be held responsible. Our team can provide you with all the answers you need and help you take appropriate legal action through a civil claim. 

We have represented: 

  • Women and children assaulted and molested by their coaches while involved in athletics.
  • Children who were sexually assaulted by a property manager at an apartment home.
  • Victims of a child molester at a daycare center.
  • Victims of sexual assault at a community recreation center.

We are here to help you speak up – by doing so, you are taking action to prevent others from being harmed just as you were. Our team is committed to assisting you find justice. 

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