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Spinal cord injuries are among the most catastrophic of all physical injuries. These injuries can forever alter your life, leaving you paralyzed or unable to engage in routine life activities or maintain your career or job. This means that, while needing ongoing medical treatment that can cost staggering amounts, you may face the prospect of financial distress or ruin. When a spinal cord injury is caused by the negligence or wrongdoing of someone else, you have the right to pursue maximum compensation for your losses and damages.  

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Understanding Spinal Cord Injuries

Your spinal cord is a relay system between your brain and your entire body. Your spinal cord contains the nerves that allow your brain to control your muscles; it also relays sensory information back to your brain. When the spinal cord is bruised or severed, this communication system is disrupted, which can cause dysfunction below the level of the spinal cord injury. This is what leads to such consequences as paralysis and loss of control of organs connected to that part of the spinal cord. 

Spinal cord injuries can either be complete or incomplete. Complete injuries result in permanent damage to the part of the cord that has been injured. This can cause paraplegia (paralysis from the chest down) or quadriplegia (also referred to as tetraplegia), which involves paralysis of both the arms and legs. 

Incomplete spinal cord injuries are those in which the cord has been only partially damaged. The loss of sensation in the body connected to these injuries will depend on what area of the cord was damaged and how extensive the damage is. The body's extremities may have limited or partial function or disabling pain. 

Broken necks, backs, or fractured vertebrae can cause these injuries. Discs in the spine can also be injured, resulting in tears or ruptures that create chronic pain or even loss of body control. 

Common Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries 

Spinal cord injuries are commonly caused by:

Spinal cord injuries can also be caused by a medical provider's failure to diagnose certain emergency medical conditions such as cauda equina syndrome. 

Why You Need a Denver Spinal Cord Injury Attorney 

Because of the life-changing consequences of spinal cord injuries, you will need an attorney who is experienced in claims for catastrophic injuries. These types of injuries can be permanent, deeply affecting your quality of life and ability to function in day-to-day living, as well as from large, powerful, and well-funded corporations and insurance companies. You need someone experienced on your side who can correct that imbalance. 

Our attorneys have decades of experience investigating medical negligence cases at Parker Lipman. We carefully investigate each situation to determine your health insurer's right to subrogation and take steps to resolve any subrogation claims after your case.

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