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If a medical provider or hospital has injured you or killed a loved one through medical negligence, the consequences can be profound.  Not only are you facing health issues that you should never have to endure, and medical bills you should never have incurred, but your trust in the entire health care system has no doubt collapsed.  Medical malpractice law in Colorado is a difficult area, with many pitfalls.  Few lawyers have the expertise to bring these cases successfully.  Parker Lipman has the experience and knowledge to properly evaluate your potential medical malpractice case and determine whether it makes sense to pursue a claim or lawsuit.

What Is Medical Malpractice? 

Medical professionals are held to certain standards that are the prevailing and accepted practices in their field. When a medical provider fails to provide reasonable care, or causes injury through negligent care, it may be actionable malpractice. Medical errors, lapses in judgment, negligence, and other failures that result in patient illness, injury or death may then form the basis of a medical malpractice claim.

Examples of medical malpractice can include:

  • Failure to diagnose an illness or condition
  • Failing to properly monitor a hospital patient
  • Delay in diagnosis of cancer
  • Misdiagnosis of an illness or condition
  • Surgical errors, such as wrong-site surgery or leaving behind sponges or other equipment in the patient’s body
  • Anesthesia errors, such as too little or too much anesthesia or failure to monitor the patient while unconscious
  • Birth injuries, such as failure to ensure the infant has sufficient oxygen during labor and delivery
  • Medication mistakes, such as wrong dosage or wrong drug prescribed
  • Failure to inform patients of known risks in medical treatments

Doctors are not the only ones who can commit medical malpractice.  Any medical professional may be held liable for malpractice, such as nurses, surgeons, therapists, chiropractors, and Pharmacists.  Hospitals, surgery centers, urgent care centers and other health care entities can also be liable for such things as the negligence of their non-physician employees, inadequate staffing, failure to have the proper medical equipment on hand, failure to properly train nurses and other staff, failure to have proper policies and procedures to protect patients, and improperly transferring emergency patients.

Medical malpractice claims are expensive, as many aspects of the case must be proved through expert witnesses, such as other physicians or professionals who practice in the field, or who can explain why the negligence caused the injury. These experts review available and relevant records, imaging studies and other information in order to provide credible, well-supported testimony.  We were closely with expert witnesses to enhance the likelihood of a good settlement or a successful verdict.  If you will require medical treatment in the future, we will retain a life care planner to assess the cost of the future care you will require.

Compensation for these cases is similar to that of other personal injury claims. You may be eligible for past and predicted future medical and therapeutic expenses, lost income/wages, loss of earning capacity, pain and suffering, emotional trauma, disfigurement, loss of enjoyment of life, and loss of household services and other costs. Your compensation will depend on the nature and extent of your injuries and how they have affected your life.

Our Track Record of Success

Parker Lipman takes pride in the track record of success we have achieved which reflects our level of competence and commitment to clients.

In medical malpractice, we have recently:

  • Obtained a jury verdict of over $4 million against a hand surgeon whose insurance company offered nothing to settle the case prior to trial.
  • Settled a large case involving several health care providers who misdiagnosed an infection causing the patient to lose her fingers and feet.
  • Successfully represented patients whose cancer diagnoses were missed.
  • Settled cases involving serious pharmacy errors.
  • Obtained a multi-million-dollar settlement in a lab error case.
  • Represented children and adults injured by medical providers at urgent care centers.
  • Obtained large settlements for patients severely burned in a hospital.
  • Represented patients injured by instruments left in their bodies after surgery.
  • Represented the family of a man who died as a result of a doctor’s failure to administer antibiotics.
  • Won and settled numerous cases involving medical harm caused by physicians, hospitals, nurses, and physician assistants. 
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