Sexual Assault Attorney in Denver, CO

Our firm represents victims of sexual assault in claims against individuals, businesses and organizations. We have experience bringing civil claims for damages arising from sexual assault occurring because of inadequate or negligent security, lighting, supervision and hiring.

Our firm also represents athletes in connection with sexual assault claims against professional organizations including USA Swimming, the United States Olympic Committee, USA Taekwondo, and others. We are part of a nationwide team of experienced lawyers who are representing athletes who have been abused in connection with Olympic sports.


Dan Lipman

Lorraine Parker

If you are a victim of sexual assault under any circumstance, call our firm today.  You have our attention. We have the experience necessary to properly investigate your claims and fight for your rights.

We have recently represented:

  • Women and children assaulted and molested by their coaches while involved in athletics.
  • Children who were sexually assaulted by a property manager at an apartment home.
  • Victims of a child molester at a day care center.
  • Victims of sexual assault at a community recreation center.
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