Colorado Ski Accident Lawyers

If you have been injured in a ski collision or due to negligence on the part of a ski resort, call us today. Due to the increasing use of multi-resort season passes, ski resorts are now flooded with inexperienced and dangerous skiers and snowboarders. Unfortunately, collisions between skiers and snowboarders are becoming all too common.

Parker Lipman is home to experienced ski accident attorneys, both on the slopes and in the courtroom. Ski resorts and insurance companies know us, and they know that we understand their industry and the law.

Two of our lawyers, Chris Koupal and Dan Lipman, are the co-founders and co-chairs of the national AAJ Ski Area Litigation Group.

Ski cases can be complicated. Who pays for my medical bills? Does the skier or snowboarder who hit me have insurance? How do you determine who is at fault?  Does the ski resort maintain any records or documentation of my accident? As avid skiers ourselves (since we were kids), we are well-versed in these cases.

Whether your injury was the result of an out-of-control skier or snowboarder, a chairlift malfunction, or ski area operator error, we have the expertise to pursue the unique aspects of your injury and evaluate the economic impact it has had on you. You have our attention.

We recently…

  • Obtained a large judgment in federal court for a woman who sustained a permanent brain injury when an out-of-control snowboarder collided with her.
  • Were retained as an expert witness regarding Colorado ski law in a major brain injury case filed in Ontario, Canada.
  • Settled a claim for a woman injured as a result of negligent chairlift operation.
  • Settled a wrongful death claim arising out of an in-area avalanche in California.
  • Settled a claim for a man injured by an out-of-control skier.
  • Successfully pursued numerous ski collision cases.
  • Represented clients injured skiing in numerous states including Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, North Carolina, California and New York.
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